A small guide

How to take care of your beauties

By taking good care of your handcrafted garments they can keep making you happy for a very long time. 

 Most important is to never ever wash them in the washing machine! Your bra’s & thongs really don’t like that.

1. Instead, fill a bucket or your sink with some water around 30 degrees. 
There needs to be enough water to soak the fabric completely. 

2. Add a little bit of soap. Preferably one that is meant for washing delicates or wool. 

3. Now let the fabric chill for a bit in the water.

4. After 5-10 min you can gently rub the fabric a bit with your own hands. Don’t overdo this, our garments prefer a slow massage. 

5. Bubble bath time is done, now we’re going to take a shower. Rinse everything really well, we don’t want any soap to stay behind. 

All wet and clean? 

6. Then you have to wring out the excessive moist. Again, be gentle. 

7. The only thing left is to air dry your garments. Hang them some place visible! This way even when you can’t wear them, you can still enjoy them.