The Story behind

Atelier M.

In 2020, my passion for creating stunning lingerie sets for myself and my beloved friends ignited. This hobby quickly became an all-consuming obsession. Now, I design and craft my sets in my atelier on the charming Vossiusstraat in Amsterdam. I take great care in selecting the finest fabrics and materials, and I infuse each piece with my love and attention to detail.

I design lingerie not simply to make women feel sexy, but to empower them to feel confident, beautiful and radiant. My lingerie is an extension of their innate beauty and a reflection of their inner strength. The thought of wearing something exquisite gives them an extra boost of power and grace.

Lingerie is no longer kept hidden, it is now flaunted with pride. A hint of lace peeking out under a blazer, or a daring sheer panel revealing just enough, makes a bold statement. My passion and love for lingerie can be felt in every stitch and every design.

With love,

Marijke Dijkstra